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Les hva Fredsprisvinner Dr. Denis Mukwege sa i sin Nobeltale

Lenke til The Washington Post artikkelen: The cobalt pipeline

My name is Denis Mukwege. I come from one of the richest countries on the planet.Yet the people of my country are among the poorest of the world. The troubling reality is that the abundance of our natural resources – gold,coltan, cobalt and other strategic minerals – is the root cause of war, extreme violence and abject poverty.

We love nice cars, jewelry and gadgets. I have a smartphone myself. These items contain minerals found in our country.  Often mined in inhuman conditions by young children, victims of intimidation and sexual violence.

When you drive your electric car; when you use your smart phone or admire your jewelry, take a minute to reflect on the human cost of manufacturing these objects.

As consumers, let us at least insist that these products are manufactured with respect for human dignity.

Turning a blind eye to this tragedy is being complicit. It’s not just perpetrators of violence who are responsible for their crimes, it is also those who choose to look the other way."